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Anthony J. Fisichella


Anthony Fisichella began studying metaphysics and specifically The Ageless Wisdom Teachings (the common principles contained at the core of all religions, sciences and philosophies) over 40 years ago while living on Long Island, New York. He soon began sharing this information by teaching an adult education class at Hicksville High School. As this class gained increased local interest, Tony began teach similar classes at local colleges (Farmingdale University and C W Post College.) These classes were recorded and became the Well of Wisdom series first available in the mid ‘70’s on cassette tapes and now re-mastered on CD’s. Students from these classes were interested in continuing their studies and soon the Students of Esoteric Thought (SET) was created. SET developed the nonprofit Hicksville New Age Center where a variety of related classes were taught.

The New Age Center became an umbrella that embraced many schools of thought, Dream Workshops, Personal Growth Workshops, Course of Miracles, Transcendental Meditation, Jose Silva Mind Control, Rosicrucian teachings, Theosophists, and Association for Research and Enlightenment, and much more.

Tony, as he preferred to be called, believed that no one route is the only true route, and sought to fill the needs of the many.  “I try to teach a positive, creative and dynamic approach based on love and good will.  We are a school of all forms of esoteric thought, not one specific movement.”  Tony continued his sharing on a national level and eventually lectured on an international level. 

From the seeds of his national and international tours grew the Annual International Metaphysics Festival held in Hempstead, Long Island.  The festival featured sixty Eastern and Western spiritual leaders from around the globe, and attracted more than 3,000 attendees.  Over the course of eight days over 200 lectures were offered.

Tony authored many essays as well as a book entitled Echoes from Eternity.  Originally entitled Metaphysics, What Is It Anyway, then published by Llewellyn Publishing, as Metaphysics, The Science of Life. It was translated into several languages and distributed world wide.

It has now been re-released as Echoes From Eternity (his original title) and was reprinted again in 2004 just prior to his passing.

In 2004 Tony created The Higher Ground Foundation whose mission it is  “to investigate, develop and share an in-depth understanding of the principles and purpose of the cosmic creative process that gave birth to man and the universe; to promote an awareness of the “higher ground” that constitutes the ultimate destination of the journey unfolding for each and every soul. 

What do the media have to say about Anthony Fisichella?

"Timing is everything and just in time, here is a book that simply and profoundly puts the metaphysical puzzle together. A must read for anyone desiring to live a higher-consciousness"

Rob Spears & Brenda Michaels
“Conscious Talk Radio Network” CNN's KKNW Seattle

Tony Fisichella approaches ancient wisdom as a Christian mystic but with a difference.  The difference is that his teachings are essentially practical with applications to the problems of every day living said to be the cause of all psychological illness.

Dr. Douglas Baker, England

The Practical Guru of Hicksville... a free wheeling, meat and potatoes sort of Guru...

Mike Unger, Newsday, NY

A personable young man with an uncanny gift of knowledge that just keeps pouring out without end. You really know the work when you leave his lectures.

Sol Lewis, Director, Michigan Metaphysical Society

One of the world’s top reincarnation experts…The leader in Esoteric thought and study.

Bob Talbert, Detroit Free Press

One of the most sought after speakers in the field of esoteric sciences and philosophy.

Frank Baronowski
Director the Esoteric Speakers Platform
Phoenix, Arizona

The man is an absolute storehouse of knowledge...

Chip Brill Journalist 

Tony Fisichella's teachings helped me develop a wonderful awareness about my life, my purpose and most importantly, about love. 

It was Tony's love and knowledge of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings that became the inspiration for me to follow my heart and trust my soul guidance.  Tony helped me remove the veils of illusion and come to the truth about what is at the essence of life; a divine unfolding of which we are all a part. 

I feel blessed to have been among the thousands who studied with Tony and experienced his teachings first hand. 

Liz Sterling, B-U Radio talk show host, Boca Raton, FL

Tony is one incredible visionary who shared his depth of wisdom with heart felt love that every reader will have bounce off their souls. Read, reap and harvest this pure wisdom.

Mark Victor Hansen
Chicken Soup for the Soul

Stanley Czark, a structural engineer in Hempstead said of the philosophy as related by Tony, “In a sense it freed me from fear.  I’m not obligated to a capricious God just waiting for me to make a wrong move. With the law of karma, of cause and effect I realize that if I don’t like the effects, I can change the causes.  I am really the master of my fate.” (Mike Unger, Newsday)

Douglas J. Fisichella

Biography and Fact Sheet

Douglas Fisichella began his studies of Metaphysics and world religions in his early 20’s. Having been raised in a household without dogmatic assertions about religion, he was not subjected to the usual insistence on one specific faith. His father Anthony J. Fisichella was one of the countries foremost proponents of the Esoteric Sciences. He was also a student of the world’s religions and a biblical scholar. This early exposure to the open study of various religious systems left its impact in a non-judgmental and assimilating attitude toward all spiritual teachings.

Being what he refers to as a casual student for much of his life, these teachings lay behind the scenes as an influence, but not a focus until more recent years. The current upheaval in the world seemingly centered around religious differences awakened what had been slumbering inside of him – the real student. He is now intent on sharing his insight into the common core of the religious faiths of the world in order to take the focus off of the cultural differences in expression.

Throughout his career in Electronic Security he has served as a Technical Trainer for Clients as well as Personnel under his supervision and has also designed and presented trainings for industry groups. He has done many Sales Presentations and served as Master of Ceremonies and Auctioneer for several benefits. A lifelong musician and performer, he is no stranger to the stage, having performed in front of thousands as a singer, drummer and guitarist. He is dynamic and entertaining and capable of holding the attention of any group large or small.

Since the passing of their father, he and his brother Anthony Jr. have taken up the mantle and begun spreading the teachings of the Ancient Wisdom. This has propelled Doug deeper than he ever imagined into these teachings, feeling a need to “get it right” in his fathers absence. He is now a student of the Arcane school of the Lucis Trust which also trained his father.

Together the family started Higher Ground Publishing as a sister organization to the Higher Ground Foundation started by Anthony Sr. Doug also mastered and produced the audio recordings available through Higher Ground in his own recording studio.

Doug and Tony Jr. were intimately involved in the editing and publication of the recently completed trilogy, “One Solitary Life”. They have presented these teachings on numerous occasions, working together when possible and individually when necessary.


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