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Metaphysical Teacher, Public Speaker, Gestalt Therapist

Anthony Fisichella began studying metaphysics and specifically The Ageless Wisdom Teachings (the common principles contained at the core of all religions, sciences and philosophies) over 40 years ago while living on Long Island, New York. He began sharing this esoteric information by teaching an adult education class entitled “Parapsychology” at Hicksville High School. This class gained increased local interest and Tony began to teach similar classes at local colleges (Farmingdale University and C.W. Post College.) Students from these classes organized as The Students of Esoteric Thought and encouraged Tony to develop the nonprofit Hicksville New Age Center and Bookstore where he could teach numerous classes as well as bring in other leading spiritual and motivational teachers. This center facilitated a wide variety of programs and classes and soon was sponsoring a yearly international festival that incorporated Eastern and Western spiritual and metaphysical teachers from around the world for a weeklong conference. In addition to teaching locally, Tony began to teach around the country and abroad. He was dubbed by Long Island's Newsday Magazine the “meat and potatoes guru” because of the way he delivered this often complicated and confusing information in an understanding and straightforward manner.

Before he died, Tony completed a trilogy of because titled One Solitary Life. These three books detail the cosmic and evolutionary processes and metaphysical principles at play in the universe. The third book summarizes these ideas by utilizing the life story of Christ as metaphor for the process of spiritual evolution in the offing for all Human Souls.

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